Biffen's Kitchen - Korean Barbecue Veggie Lasagne

Korean Barbecue Veggie Lasagne

My Korean barbecue lasagne is a fusion dish that combines elements of Korean barbecue (bulgogi sauce) with the classic Italian pasta dish of lasagne. My dish consists of layers of

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Biffen's Kitche - Simple Moroccan Veggie Tagine

Simple Moroccan Veggie Tagine

This simple and hearty recipe was inspired by my surf trip to Moroccan in 2018. Packed with a variety of vegetables, bold flavours and is so simple to make. Vegan

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Biffen's Kitchen - Flatbread wraps

Flatbread Wraps

Not all flatbreads have to be hard to make. These flatbreads are quick and easy to make, and you don’t need any fancy equipment. Use your imagination when it comes

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Biffen's Kitchen - Quick Rice & Peas

Quick Rice & Peas

Whip up a quick, flavorful side with Biffen’s Kitchen’s Rice & Peas recipe. A simple yet hearty companion to any main dish, embodying a homely comfort.

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Biffen's Kitchen - Kasespatzle, Austrian Mac & Cheese

Kasespatzle, Austrian Mac & Cheese

Austrian ski food doesn’t get much naughtier than Kasespatzle, the macaroni & cheese of Austria. This hearty dish tastes especially good after a walk in the crisp mountain air. Similar

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Biffen's Kitchen - Moroccan Lamb Stew

Moroccan Lamb Stew

Compliment this stew with warm pita bread for plunging into the delicious sauce and a super easy couscous. Reminds me of my easy pomegranate lamb curry, one to add to

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