Ocean Pitch Croyde: Your Ultimate Coastal Escape

In the heart of North Devon, Ocean Pitch offers an idyllic setting for a memorable getaway. I can’t overstate just how much I love this place, with its natural charm and beauty grabbing you no matter where you look.

Let’s not forget the community that brings together nature lovers, families and surf enthusiasts for a unique seaside experience. Ocean Pitch Croyde offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, whether pitching a tent under the stars or parking a comfy motorhome.

Discovering Ocean Pitch Campsite

I always get excited talking about Ocean Pitch because it’s far more than a campsite. While it offers a stunning sea view and easy beach access, the campsite blends tranquillity and activity. Accommodation options cater to all preferences, with cosy areas for small tents and larger areas for spacious glamping or smaller motorhomes.

There’s much to love and enjoy with clean and well-maintained shower blocks and convenient onsite amenities like a food truck…

But let’s dive into the specifics behind Ocean Pitch in Croyde.

Leisure Activities at Ocean Pitch Campsite and Croyde Area

Let’s address the obvious first…

It’s next to the sea.

That means convenient access to surfing, a spot of romantic moonlit strolls across the sand and, of course, beach sports. Some of the best surf spots in North Devon can be found here, with beginner and experienced surfers finding waves to their liking. If surfing isn’t your thing, you can get your boots on and take a leisurely stroll – or vigorous hike – along the coastal path for some extra eye candy.

What if you prefer wheels?

Plenty of cycle routes around Croyde provide a delightful way to explore the countryside. You can even treat yourself to horse riding if you fancy it – not that they have wheels, though.

There’s never a dull moment with so many extraordinary outdoor activities nearby.

Ocean Pitch Campsite Amenities

But what about the campsite itself?

Ocean Pitch gives you a bit of rustic charm with the convenience of modern amenities. The campsite is well-equipped to ensure you have a comfortable stay. Clean, hot showers and well-maintained toilet facilities are a given, and for those who need to stay updated on the world, there’s free wifi!

The “cool hut” provides you with access to freezers, while charging stations can give your gadgets a lil juice when they need it. Ocean Pitch goes above and beyond with its facilities.

Finally, those who know me know I’m a big fan of food, even more so when I get a chance to hop on the grill. Delicious meals, beautiful sights, quality friends, what’s not to love?

You can find Biffen’s Kitchen at the Ocean Pitch Campsite, where you can grab a bite and enjoy the atmosphere. If you’re unable to stop by, don’t worry! You can always check out our recipes and make some of our specials for yourself at home.

Must-See Places near Croyde and Ocean Pitch Campsite

Let’s say you’ve had your fill of Ocean Pitch Campsite, and you’re looking for something else to broaden your horizons. Well, you’ll be glad to know you’re in one of the most picturesque locations in Croyde!

Venturing beyond the campsite, you’ll find numerous need to see locations. A personal favourite is Baggy Point – just a short walk from Ocean Pitch, offering spectacular coastline views and you can stop off at Cafe Croyde for a bite to eat with a sea view. If you’ve got more time on your hands and want a dose of the local culture, you can take a trip to the nearby villages (Braunton, Woolacombe and Ilfracombe). Each offers a glimpse into the quaint rural life of North Devon.

Local markets and cafes are aplenty, and sometimes you just can’t pass up on fresh, local produce. You also have the National Trust sites available, offering beautifully preserved landscapes. A different change of pace from the sea can be just what’s needed.

Policies for a Pleasant Stay

A great camping experience only happens when everyone plays by the rules. Or, in Ocean Pitch’s case, by sensible policies. The site is dog-friendly when you’re swinging by to grab a bite to eat, but unfortunately, your furry companion can’t stay over with you.

Additionally, open fires aren’t permitted, nor is audible music past 9 pm. And finally, caravans aren’t able to stay due to licensing limitations.

While these may seem strict in some regards, policies like this help keep Ocean Pitch Campsite safe, secure, and enjoyable for everyone. Staying current on the policies never hurts; fortunately, Ocean Pitch has made it easy to see what’s what.

You can check out “The Important Stuff” at the bottom of their facilities page here.

Adding Ocean Pitch to your Travel List

Ocean Pitch in Croyde is one of my all-time favourite places to chill out and forget about responsibilities. A prime location for sites, activities and culture, what’s not to love?

Whether you’re getting your surf on, exploring the countryside, perusing the towns and villages or simply kicking back on the beach, I guarantee you’ll make memories worth remembering.

If you plan a trip to Devon, consider stopping by Ocean Pitch – don’t be shy and say hi at the Biffen’s Kitchen food truck!

We have been granted permission to use the photos in this post by the wonderful team at Ocean Pitch and the fantastic photographer Adam Norris at @offshoresphoto. Be sure to visit their pages and show them some love.