Guide to Braunton Beaches: Sandy Shores Await

Imagine a place where the rhythm of the waves sets the pace of your day.

I’m starting to sound poetic!

Braunton Beaches, a coastal haven neatly tucked away in North Devon, does just that. Each visit is like rediscovering why you fell in love with the seaside all over again.

But what is so special about the Braunton Beaches?

Discover Braunton Beaches

In North Devon lies a stretch of coastline that’s simply spectacular – the Braunton Beaches, diverse with enough character and charm to be passed around for an eternity. You’ll find everything from golden sands to secluded coves and everything in between.

For the adventurous type, there’s no shortage of activities – surfing, paddleboarding, and kayaking are just the tip of the coastal iceberg of enjoyment. Allocated swimming spots also provide comfort and relaxation for families, helping to guide them to the best areas.

And if none of this takes your fancy, you can always kick back on the beach and enjoy the sights.

Saunton Sands Spotlight

You can’t talk about Braunton beaches without mentioning Saunton Sands. Their seemingly endless shoreline stretching for miles is a haven for surfers and an oasis for beachgoers. Believe me when I say it is easy to get mesmerised watching the waves roll onto the shore.

Regardless of what you’re doing, be it swimming, building sandcastles or walking, the backdrop of the dunes adds so much natural beauty that it’s genuinely difficult not to say “wow” every minute.

If you’re lucky, you may also get a glimpse of the local wildlife!

Hidden Gems of Braunton

I hear what you’re saying:

“Yes, yes, we’ve all heard about Saunton Sands.”

But what about some of the more hidden gems Braunton has to offer? Crow Point is one such place where the estuary meets the sea. This creates a different but welcoming beach experience. Another secluded treasure of Braunton is Rockham Bay – a cove that feels like a secret hideout as a kid. Its dramatic cliffs and sense of seclusion can make you feel like a pirate or spark romance – depending on your mood.

Finally, Mouthmili Beach is one of the lesser-known beaches, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t among the best. It is a haven of peace and natural beauty, perfect for those looking to slip away from the crowd on a busy day.

Dog-Friendly Shores

One of the best things about Braunton’s beaches is how dog-friendly they are. Many beaches offer year-round access to your furry friends, making them ideal getaway locations for pet owners. There’s also a substantial amount of dog-friendly accommodation in and around Devon. So, if you’re looking to stick around for a while but don’t want to camp, you’ll always have a place you can call a temporary home.

Additionally, the vast open space on these beaches means you can enjoy your activities with your pets without fear of impacting others’ personal space or experience.

Accessibility and Amenities

Braunton Beaches is welcoming in its accessibility and the amenities it provides. Easy access points across their beaches ensure everyone is welcome with minimal obstacles for entry. Similarly, thoughtfully designed and placed facilities, such as public restrooms and picnic areas, help create a comfortable and hassle-free beach day where you can genuinely set your worries aside.

Beaches Beyond Braunton

While Braunton’s beaches offer plenty of charm and variety, you may want to step out and see what the rest of Devon has in store for you. Woolacombe and Ilfracombe are two must-visit destinations for any beach lover. Woolacombe guarantees a great day out with its long stretch of gold sand and great waves for surfers. On the other hand, Ilfracombe provides a unique Victorian charm with a plethora of hidden coves – a completely different experience.

Similarly, Croyde and Bideford each have their own appeals. Croyde is renowned for its excellent surf and beach culture – not to mention that’s where you can find Biffen’s Kitchen! Bideford appeals more for its natural, historical allure.

Each option can create and add to your overall experience in Devon.

Adding Baunton Beaches to your Travel List

The thing I love about Devon the most is that you never feel like you’re done exploring. If you’re drawn to the allure of discovery and love to see new sights, hear new sounds and embrace the beautiful, then Breuton Beaches has you covered.

Whether you’re here for history, surfing, relaxation, food, or everything at once, you’re in for a treat.

If you plan on visiting a specific beach mentioned here or elsewhere, do a quick search to understand any beach-specific policies or restrictions. It’s always best to come prepared – that’s what makes for a relaxing, stress-free holiday.