Bacon Smashed Avocado Hot Cross Bun

Biffen's Kitchen - Bacon Smashed Avocado Hot Cross Bun

Trust me on this one: my bacon smashed avocado hot cross bun is a refreshing and healthy(ish) Spring Sunday brunch. Creamy avocado, salty feta cheese, spicy chilli, crispy bacon and refreshing chopped mint in a sweet and crunchy hot cross bun!

Forest Berry Sweet Omelette

Biffen's Kitchen - Forest Berry Sweet Omelette

You might not think this would work, but trust me, the sweetness and creaminess of the fillings work perfectly with the warm omelette breakfast. Ditch the standard cheese and mushroom omelette and let your sweet tooth have its time. Here are some of my other healthy suggestions (always with a thick yoghurt filling) – Banana, honey and pistachio – Nutella, peanut butter & banana – Apple and cinnamon – Chia seeds and passion fruit – Banana, desiccated coconut and almond flakes omelette


Biffen's Kitchen - Avo-No-Cado

At the Biffen’s Kitchen food van, I have replaced the smashed avocado with a more local and tastier alternative, which I call Smashed Avo-No-Cardo! The smashed beanos are simply smashed broad beans, sweet garden peas, lime, salt, pepper and vegan mayo. Blitz and enjoy.