Halloumi Fries

Biffen's Kitchen - Halloumi Fries

These crispy and golden beauties were the 2nd biggest seller in the Biffen’s Kitchen Food Van. Okay, so this recipe will not win the Weight Watchers Awards, but this is a real treat for when you have people around for dinner. My advice, make sure there are at least 3/4 pieces per person. They are extremely moreish! Crispy outside, chewy inside and a salty, cheesy taste, with a refreshing and sweet topping.

Chicken Katsu Curry

Biffen's Kitchen - Chicken Katsu Curry

My Japanese night with the crispy chicken katsu curry & vegan aubergine curry recipe was the number one seller last season! This was a sellout most nights in the Biffen’s Kitchen food van, and now I am here to share my recipe with you so you can create the dish all year round! This is a delicious curry-based meal that will please both adults and kids. I’ll leave the heat level down to you! This is the same sauce recipe I use for my vegan & vegetarian katsu curry recipe but replacing the chicken with a delicious cauliflower katsu curry recipe.

Balinese Cauliflower and Tempeh Rendang Curry

Biffen's Kitchen - Balinese Cauliflower and Tempeh Rendang Curry

This Tempeh Rendang Curry is just bursting with veggie flavour. This dish was inspired by my trip in 2015 to Indonesia and my love for Tempeh. There is a richness from the coconut milk and a boldness from the various aromatic spices. The tempeh is soft and delicious and can be combined with any veggies that you like to make something a little different each time. It makes for the perfect midweek meal and doesn’t need many ingredients, so it’s a welcome change if you’re trying to use up leftovers! Rendang is one of many curries originating in the Nusantara region, which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and surrounding islands.

Shakshuka – Tomato & Chickpea Baked Eggs

Biffen's Kitchen - Shakshuka – Tomato & Chickpea Baked Eggs

You can knock up this recipe in under 30 minutes with minimal effort (perfect for hangovers). This is what makes it the ideal breakfast or brunch dish. Most of the ingredients can be easily kept in your cupboard, ready for any weekend you feel the taste for it. Traditional shakshuka originally came from North Africa, but it is quite popular in the Middle East, and you’ll find variations of it in Palestine, Israel and Turkey (Menemen). Shakshuka literally means “a mixture” of leftover vegetables and spices – a poor person dish which is now a bougie brunch option found in Balham for £13 a dish before you even add your chorizo. For a vegetarian option, simply replace the chorizo with another vegetable; courgette, aubergine, sweet potato just to name a few and add more smoked paprika.


Biffen's Kitchen - Avo-No-Cado

At the Biffen’s Kitchen food van, I have replaced the smashed avocado with a more local and tastier alternative, which I call Smashed Avo-No-Cardo! The smashed beanos are simply smashed broad beans, sweet garden peas, lime, salt, pepper and vegan mayo. Blitz and enjoy.

Kaiserschmarrn Fluffy Traditional Austrian Pancakes

Biffen's Kitchen - Kaiserschmarrn Fluffy Traditional Austrian Pancakes

Kaiserschmarrn is merely a thick, fluffy pancake, roughly chopped, coated in icing sugar and served with local jams such as plum or apple. Kaiserschmarrn is an Austrian ski food classic which you cannot miss! I first had them when I was skiing In Kaprun in 2010 and then again when I was doing my ski season in St Anton, where I would make them for my guests as a dessert treat.

Moroccan Wraps With Chicken and Halloumi

Biffen's Kitchen - Moroccan Wraps With Chicken and Halloumi

I came up with this recipe for my first food stand back in my local village fete of Sherfield on Loddon, and the Moroccan wraps down an absolute treat! The frequent feedback received on the day was that they were ‘refreshing‘, ‘deliciously simple‘, and ‘the perfect work lunch option’ Rather than keeping the recipe to myself, I wanted to share it with you to brighten up your next meal. Give it a try this weekend and give your taste buds a wake-up call.

Beef Brisket Chilli Con Carne Recipe

Biffen's Kitchen - Beef Brisket Chilli Con Carne Recipe

Here is my pulled beef brisket chilli recipe I made you in Croyde 2020! For my Mexican night, I converted the standard minced meat chilli to a show stopper with chunky pieces of tender beef pulled apart and infused in a simple Mexican marinade inspired. The brisket piece is a cheap cut from a cow that runs from the bottom of the neck down under the ribs. It requires slow cooking due to the amount of connective tissue in the muscle. Cows don’t have collarbones, so this muscle must carry up to 60% of the weight of the cow! In the UK, it’s normally braised or stewed in a broth with root vegetables, and in the USA, they love to barbeque it with a local rub.

Jamaican Chickpea Sweet Potato Curry

Biffen's Kitchen - Raspberry and Peanut Overnight Oats

Make a bowl of raspberry and peanut butter overnight oats that are indulgent yet healthy. It doesn’t get any easier and more delicious than creamy peanut butter and tangy raspberries. Overnight oats are a great way to keep you full until lunch for a low cost and offer endless flavours to pick from.